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This building is located in Wakayama Prefecture, which has a mild winter. The site faces a road on the west, a shopping center car park on both north and south sides, while east side faces a low hill. Despite its smallness, the building is multi-purpose; it houses a cultural class for mothers in the neighborhood, an office of NPO that assists child raising, a live music studio, and a satellite broadcasting studio of an FM radio station. The site has a small area of 177.65 sq meters and its building height is restricted by law to 10 meters. Thus the main objectives of the building are 1) to allow a wide expanse of space within a small building, 2) to incorporate energy saving features. They were achieved as follows: 1) To give a feeling of wide expanse --- technique of “suki`? (temporal and spatial blank) employed by the traditional Japanese architecture. 1. connect the entrance and the road by a long stretch of narrow approach (“roji`), despite the small size of site. 2. create an opening in the wall that shuts out the outside, thus high-lighting the beauty of the eastside scenery. 3. separate the rooms by diagonally installed glass walls to give longer depth of space. 4. give extended vertical space by creating a vaulted ceiling for the entrance court and the lounge. 2) Energy saving building --- exterior louver wall integrated with structure. 1. the exterior wall, forming the structure, has narrow slits to adjust the sunshine and intake light and wind by fine tuning. 2. avoid accumulation of heat in the wall by using exterior insulation paint.


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