Students apartment buildings and artists' studios

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Key words: Low cost and low-tech solutions Hill contour line Inner street Stone shale bricks washed stone broken ceramic tiles asbestos pantile. Designed from June 2005 to May 2006, built in 2008, the project is located in the new campus of Sichuan Fine Art School in Chongqing Academic City. The site area is 4.5 ha, and total floor area is 60,000 M². The designers tried to get a good quality of building with low cost and low-tech solutions by using local technique of building construction. The major concept of the master planning is to respect the morphology of the site by means of free-shape buildings. A big living space is composed by the "studios block" in the south and three Student’s apartment buildings in the north which extend along the hill contour lines. In the central plaza are displayed some sports facilities and green spaces. The built-up residential units provide spaces of conversation for students by balconies, atriums and terraces. The facade materials include washed stone, broken ceramic tiles, asbestos pantile. The "studios block" extends along a 300m-long narrow land, including artists' studios, restaurants, bars, tea houses, galleries and a hotel. It’s divided into three parts: the east zone has a central square surrounded by small yards between which the streets are radiating from the square center; the middle zone is combined of several cubic units with the inner street going through; the buildings in the west zone have bigger volume, they are displayed around a terrace. Stone shale bricks are chosen for wall material, while various local methods of laying bricks are very developed.


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