Strom Nordic Spa
A playground for the body. Nowadays, exterior spas seem to be taking a more important place in our life compared to traditional theme parks like the emblematic Coney Island one the one here on Île Ste-Hélene. Instead of being toppled around or facing sensational thrills, the body is massaged and taken care of for its own well being. Some thrills remain, as when passing from a steaming hot bath to an ice cold one. Lost paradise seems to be getting closer and as of now, may be available on Nuns Island… The Chevalier Morales version of this new type of playground for the body and mind offers a sensitive contemporary design. Three separate buildings are placed delicately on the manmade topography and look out onto the Lac des Battures. The buildings are occupied by saunas, massage and relaxation rooms, Turkish baths and other spaces necessary to make a functional spa. Covered in clay grey brick – a Nuns Island requirement - and white wood, the buildings exude calm and serenity. Brass elements like strange sculptures, gargoyles and interior furniture are making reference to all piping, hid underground or in mechanical rooms, responsible for the magical experience that offers the spa. The complex is composed of three buildings and is organized on different site's levels creating a sheltered area and is protecting the users from the adjacent environment and city noises. At night, the blend of neon lights, LED lighting and flames of torches illuminate the surreal decor lightly touched by pinks and light blues Just wait until the first snow falls…


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