In January four globally renowned landscape and urban design teams converged on Minneapolis to present to the public their visions for the Minneapolis Riverfront Design Competition (MR|DC) at the Walker Art Center. The teams - Ken Smith Workshop (New York City), Stoss Landscape Urbanism (Boston), Tom Leader Studio (Berkeley), andTurenscape (Beijing) - each presented a multidimensional design proposal for 220 acres of parkland and surrounding communities along 5.5 miles of the Upper Riverfront in Minneapolis.

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and the Minneapolis Parks Foundation, with creative partners the Walker Art Center and the University of Minnesota College of Design, sponsor the MR|DC. The largest design competition in Minneapolis history, the MR|DC builds on the Park Board's award-winning 2000 Master Plan and is the first demonstration project of the Foundation's "Next Generation of Parks" initiative.

From STOSS Landscape Urbanism:

STREAMLINES is about the sheer unfiltered experience of direct contact with the river and river life, in many ways, at multiple moments.  And it’s about weaving these experiences back into the everyday city. 
STREAMLINES is also a project about working ecologies, ecological systems and dynamics put 
to work to clean, to re-constitute this working riverfront, and to guide a longer-term transformation of the city fabric.


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