Stormont Castle
This article is about Stormont Castle. For The Parliament buildings of Northern Ireland, also known as Stormont, see Parliament Buildings (Northern Ireland). Stormont Castle is a baronial mansion on the Stormont Estate in east Belfast which is used as the main meeting place of the Northern Ireland Executive. Between 1921 and 1972 it served as the official residence of the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland. However a number of prime ministers chose to live at Stormont House, the official residence of the Speaker of the House of Commons of Northern Ireland, which was empty as a number of speakers had chosen to live in their own homes. It also served as the location of the Cabinet Room of the Government of Northern Ireland from 1921 to 1972. Before devolution it served as the Belfast headquarters of the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Office Ministers and supporting officials. During the troubles it was also used by MI5 officers.

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