Stockholm University

Stockholm University (Swedish: Stockholms universitet) is a state university in Stockholm, Sweden. It has over 28,000 students at four faculties, making it one of the largest universities in Scandinavia. The institution is also frequently regarded as one of the top 100 universities in the world. Stockholm University was granted university status in 1960 and is therefore the fourth oldest Swedish university.


In 1878, the university college Stockholms högskola started its operations with a series of lectures on natural sciences, open to curious citizens (a tradition still upheld by yearly publicly open lectures). Notable in the university's early history is the appointment of Sofia Kovalevskaya to hold a chair in mathematics in 1889, making her the third female professor in Europe. In 1904 the college became an official degree granting institution.

In 1960, it was granted university status, becoming Sweden's fourth state university. The university premises was situated in central Stockholm at Observatorielunden but as enrollment increased, lack of space made it necessary to move. Since 1970 most of the university operations are pursued at the main campus at Frescati north of the city center.

Field stations

Askö Laboratory (Marine research)

Tarfala (Glaciology and Mountain)

Tjärnö (Marine Biology)

Tovetorp (Ethology)

Tullbotorp (Botany)

Centers and Institutes

Stockholm University School of Business

Bergius Botanic Garden

Manne Siegbahn Laboratory

The Oskar Klein Centre for Cosmoparticle Physics

Stockholm Center for Marine Research (SMF)

Centre for Transdisciplinary Environmental Research (CTM)

Student unions

Prior to 2008, Stockholm University had only one student union called "Stockholm University's Student Union" (Stockholm universitets studentkår, SUS). However as of 2008 the computer and system science students and the teacher students have their own, independent, student unions called DISK and "The Teacher's College's Student Union" (Lärarhögskolans studentkår). The law students also have their own student union, as do journalism students (Studentkåren vid JMK).

The future of the Teacher's College's Student Union is however not entirely safe, as Stockholm University's Student Union has declared it will begin talks with the Teacher's College's Student Union on transferring its members to it, as it already has a teacher's division In contrast to common belief DISK does not stand for anything. As a further setback for DISK and the Law Student's Union, the board of Stockholm University has now rejected the applications from DISK and the other unions to have a status of student union in favour of Stockholm University's Student Union. Thus, after the overturn of the mandatory student union membership, the university will only recognize SUS as a representative body for the students.

Notable alumni
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  • Svante Arrhenius (1859–1927), awarded Nobel Prize in chemistry 1903; professor and rector of the University.
  • Ingmar Bergman, film director.
  • Hans Bielenstein, sinologist.
  • Carl Bildt, Prime Minister of Sweden 1991-1994, and Foreign Minister since 2006.
  • Hans Blix (LLD), diplomat.
  • Horace Engdahl, former permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy.
  • Hans von Euler-Chelpin, awarded Nobel Prize in chemistry 1929.
  • Harry Flam, Swedish economist, Dean of the School of Business.
  • Dag Hammarskjöld (Doctorate in Economics 1933), U.N. Secretary General.
  • Signe Hammarsten-Jansson (1882–1970), Class of 1905 - Swedish illustrator.
  • Princess Madeleine of Sweden, studied Art History and Ethnology.
  • Barbro Osher, diplomat and philanthropist.
  • Olof Palme, Prime Minister of Sweden.
  • Andreas Papandreou, Greek prime minister. Taught at the university 1968-1969.
  • Georgios Papandreou, Greek prime minister. Studied sociology 1972-1973.
  • Fredrik Reinfeldt, Prime Minister of Sweden.
  • Tomas Tranströmer (Psychology degree 1956), poet.
  • Johan Stael von Holstein (Swedish Entrepreneur).
  • Peter Lindgren (musician), former guitarist of Opeth
  • Christer Fuglesang, Swedish Astronaut. First Swede, and Scandinavian, in Space.

In the 2010 QS World University Rankings Stockholm University was ranked 168th overall in the world. Its subject rankings were: 62nd in Arts & Humanities, 100th in Life Sciences & Biomedicine, 125th in Natural Sciences, and 92nd in Social Sciences.

Whereas, according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities, also in 2010, Stockholm University was placed as the 79th overall best university worldwide.

Public transport to Stockholm University

There are many ways to get to Stockholm University, the main campus Frescati is located near the subway station Universitetet, on the red line of the Stockholm Metro. But SL buses can also be used to get to the campus. The Computer Science campus, Kista, also has a subway station called Kista. It is also located close to the pendeltåg station Helenelund, only 1-2 stops (depending on bus line) from the bus station Torsnäsgatan located next to the campus area. The Teacher's campus is located next to the subway station Thorildsplan.

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