Stockholm City Station

360 degrees of Careful Adjustment

Station City Stockholm, which will be located in the center of Stockholm, consists of train and underground station, hotel and conference along with apox 25 apartments. The starting point for building design is a desire for a respectful adaptation to the scale and the architectural expression in the surrounding urban environment. By splitting the building volume up into four smaller units of varying height, the building is able to make a 360 degree adjustment in scale and expressions to the adjacent streets and buildings.


Multifunctional Building

The building contains a number of public and private functions, and will thus contribute positively to creating life in the surrounding neighborhood. The lower level offers an internal street access to the underlying station, from where there is a connection to Stockholm’s central station as well as subway and local train lines.

Higher levels of the building will accommodate the hotel, conference center and the apartments. Three of the four volumes will have green roof terraces offering a splendid view of the Swedish capital. One terrace will be publicly accessible and include a skybar. The other two will belong respectively to the hotel and the apartments.


Building on Tradition

Both in terms of material and will Station City Stockholm have clear references to the traditions and characteristics that characterize Stockholm's architecture and Station City Stockholm will thus be a building sensitively integrates into the existing environment.

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