St.Luigi Orione church and universal hall

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St.Luigi Orione church and universal hall

Religious, spiritual activity, care for youth, disabled and poor persons are the functional purposes of the church with the universal hall. St. Luigi Orione is apostle of charity. Monks Orionina far from the native soil devote theirs lives to charitable actions. The particle from the whole, a piece of bread or an apple slice - all these components create the philosophical image of the building. The church and the universal hall are incorporated in one public structure, being not only place of pray, but also gathering place for meeting, dialogue, leisure. The structure provides equal intellectual, emotional and physical access for the people with various requirements. The building site according to the masterplan of Lviv is determined as a buffer territory of public space between the dense inhabited area from the north and industrial structures from the south. The underground sewer collector ( former channel of the river Poltva) with the preserved zone on 10 m from each side passes through the site, dividing it on two parts. Only half of the general area of the site is suitable for construction. The church with the universal hall is constructed on the smaller part of the site. The other part is planned for the second phase construction of the religious - educational centre. Division of the site by collector has caused the volumetric and spatial decision of the building as a part from a whole. The house type of the church is on the basis of the architectural idea. The plans of the church and the universal hall, each by the size of 10x20 m are incorporated in one rectangular in the plan by the size of 10x40 m. Though the form of the roof is enough difficult, one standard size of the girder is used for its design. 15 identical girders are put at different levels. There are no internal corridors in the building. The open space corridor under the large roof overhangs creates domestic atmosphere and attracts the residents. The universal hall can be used for different purposes such as concerts, lectures, performances, sports games, etc. All the premises have access for disabled people. Though the site is outside of the historical centre of Lviv, which is brought in to the list of the world heritage of UNESCO, the visual connection with the landscape majorant of reserved territory - mountain the Vysokyj Zamok (High Castle) has called to transformation of the natural form into the architectural model of the building. The smooth natural form of the covering raises above the church sanctuary like a dome. The exciting line of the longitudinal gable echoes the silhouette of the hills, which serve the picturesque background for the building. The aerodynamical form of the roof takes into account prevailing wind directions and has good testimonials during snow-falls. The north slope of the roof protects the building from overheating in summer. Only natural ventilation designed in the building. The large overhangs prevent the walls from moisture and create the circulation corridor with natural air-conditioning. Configuration of the building plan is repeated in design of church furniture. Orientation of the building, its precise geometrical form, compact accommodation of the engineering equipment and communications provide optimal ehergy saving. Period of construction - 21 month.


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