STEAG Power Plant Walsum

Walsum power plant is a coal-fired power station owned by Evonik Industries. It is in the Walsum quarter of Duisburg, on the area of the former Walsum coal mine.


It has an installed output capacity of 600 megawatts (MW). The chimney is 300 meters high, one of the highest chimneys in Germany. The power station supplies not only electricity but also process steam for the paper factory of the Norske Skog as well as long-distance heating and electricity to Fernwärmeschiene Niederrhein and the Walsum coal mine. The power station produces annually out approximately 930,000 tons of coal approximately 2.2 billion a KW/H electricity, 33 millions a KW/H of long-distance heating, 500,000 t process steam and 250 millions m³ compressed air per year. It has a coal storage capacity of 34.000 t.


At the location Duisburg Walsum were established to 1928 a power plant for the covering of the need of the coal mine Walsum at steam. 1957 were extended it by a power station block (block 6) with 68 MW, 1959 and 1960 followed two power station blocks (block 7 and 8) with 150 MW each. 1988 replaced block 9 with an output of 410 MW the blocks 6 and 8. 2007 are to be begun with the building of the block 10 for a capacity of 700 megawatts (MW). Block 10 will be ready to start in 2010. June 30, 2007 the Walsum coal mine stopped down.

Coordinates: 51°31′43″N 6°42′42″E / 51.52861°N 6.71167°E / 51.52861; 6.71167