Statoil Hydro office
After a competition between 40 different projects, a-lab has been commissioned to further their design for the StatoilHydro Oslo office. The building will replace a run-down parking house that served the old airport outside Oslo. Situated within a new landscape plan the building will be part of a large park with a stunning view towards the Oslo fjord. The design of the building reflects StatoilHydro as an international and dynamic company with approximately 30.000 employees in 40 countries. The new Oslo headquarter building brings together two previously separated buildings, opening up more efficient communication, and reducing the need for cross-town courier services. The building’s interior climate will be controlled by district heating and cooling, an energy- and cost efficient method that reduces wasted heating power, and can reach a large amount of space. The building matches a list of criteria, the most important being that the building should be flexible, environmentally friendly, and modern and answer to StatoilHydros core values: courageous, open, hands on and caring. The office’s interior is designed to facilitate flexible functions with rooms that can adapt from large meeting centers to multi-person offices. It can also adapt to different forms of cooperation, and it offers possibilities for increasing or reducing the number of office workstations. The 65,000 m2 building consists of 5 equal 3-storey cantilevering lamellas stacked on top of each other inspired by the game Mikado (or “pick-up-stick`9, keeping particular offices regionalized while still attached. These lamellas form a six-storey common atrium space with meeting-center and restaurants in the middle. The building is scheduled for completion in autumn 2012.


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