Station Triangle

City Tunnel in Malmö The City Tunnel is a 17km rail line that links together Malmö Central with the Öresund Bridge and the railway to Copenhagen. The City Tunnel includes three new railway stations; Malmö C Nedre, Station Triangle and Station Hyllie, which have greatly improved access to many parts of Malmö from the entire region. The City Tunnel passes through two parallel 6km tunnels under central Malmö, from Malmö C Nedre via Station Triangle to emerge above ground at Station Hyllie. Station Triangle Station Triangle has given Malmö a unique new regional and commuter train station in the heart of the city. Triangle is used by some 37,000 people per day and is thus Sweden’s third busiest railway station. Smoothly integrated into the urban environment and within easy walking distance from many destinations such as major places of work, housing, shopping, cultural venues, dining and entertainment, Station Triangle contributes to making rail-bound traffic an attractive alternative for both local and regional transport. Station Triangle is located a depth of around 25m and has been built as a bored rock cavern. The station consists of a 250m long station hall with a central platform, two tracks and two entrances. The shape of the station hall is a result of the technology used to create the rock cavern. In phase 1, a small tunnel was first bored along the station’s centre, along which the massive concrete columns on the platform were then cast. Powerful concrete head beams and foundations extend both below and above the columns to support the overlying strata. On both sides of this centre line, the limestone rock was excavated in the station’s rounded shape during phase 2. The entrances have been introduced into the cityscape in the form of pavilions. To clearly signal the underground station, the two entrances have a uniform design and are built according to the same construction principles, although they have differing geometric shapes. The entrance facades are built entirely of a structural glazing system that includes both transparent and opaque glass. The load-carrying steel structure is self-supporting, with supports only along the periphery of the buildings, and is an essential part of the architectural design. Architects for Station Malmö C Nedre and Station Triangle: Sweco Architects AB, Malmö, and KHR AS arkitekter, Copenhagen. Project Manager: Lars Lindahl, Sweco Design Manager: Nille Juul-Sørensen, KHR Architects: Lars Nilsson, Sweco (Malmö C Nedre) Cecilia Spannel, Sweco / Per Kinn, Sweco (Triangle) Anders Öreberg, Sweco (Signage programme, all three stations)


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