Station Center
The new Station Center in Hamburg -Altona will be build on a junction of public and private traffic in various levels. The building complex consisting of the train station, a shopping centre, offices and supporting facilities.
The building, knotted into the town structure both under and above ground becomes the central meeting point frequented from all sides, connecting the public spaces and extending them.

The 10 meters deep façade along “Paul Nevermann Platz” creates an impression of transparency and depth. This relates to the terminus behind it and functions as a permeable zone in front of a future quarter build on the existing rails.

The permeable structure of the new complex functions as a screen for the multiplicity of the surrounding and reflects its inner life.
The spatial and functional transition between inside and outside is linearly flowing.

The linear urban green of the “Platz der Republik” in the north-south direction is continued as a hanging garden inside of the building.
A multi-layer space is created through superposition of STRUCTURE with URBAN SPACE - FUNCTION - CONSTRUCTION - MOVEMENT - GREEN - PICTURES - INFORMATION
The transparency between the different layers makes this superposition visible to the outside. Berger + Parkkinen Architekten


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Building Activity

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    I changed the status of this builidng to "concept", because it was obvioulsy never built. Unfortunately I couldn't find any further information on the architect's website, maybe somebody can help.
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