Starmall Plaza
Built : Under Construction Site Area : 111.530 sqm. Total Consctruction Area : 325.700 sqm. The conceptual design and the design development works of Starmall Shenyang Plaza has been performed by ERA. ERA also gives executive support for the execution drawings. The project is located in Shenyang with a population of 7 million, the capital city of Liaoning Province in Northeast China. Starmall Shenyang Plaza is a mixed-use building with a total construction area of 325 700 sqm including a hypermarket, cinemas, office areas, an indoor swimming pool, a spa center, indoor&outdoor car parking. The building is composed by six detached islands and an office block . It is conceived as a monoblock building such as an ice cube with illuminated facades inside-out and connected to each other with a free form skylight. Like an ice cube that eviscerated to create large interior squares and streets, the building creates strong perspectives. The design is based on the contradictory impression of a lampion to the industrial atmosphere of Shenyang and to strong weather conditions.It is also influenced by an island similar to chinese gardens appearing in the city to create niches between the commercial blocks. Inner&outer islands differs from each other by their skins. The office block has 25 floors and each floor planned to serve one or more retailers. A bank and spa center are located on lower levels over 3 floors of the office block and is connected with a bridge enabling the office block users to have a direct access to the shopping center. All blocks: office tower, shopping mall are connected through a system of bridges at different levels. A modular facade system with a variety of transparencies combined on the office block creates a dynamism to the image of the whole building. The material used on the exterior facade (u profiled glasses, natural stone) continues to the inside as outer islands facade (glass, white marble etc). Warm materials (bamboo, timber) and colors (red, green) are used on the inner islands. Illumination and lighting effects of the buildings and the skylight enhance the complex attractiveness and visibility perspective at night. The moving led screen surrounding the complex as a colorful belt gives a floating, moving image to the building and let it interact with the users from a distance. The entrance squares are considered as part of both interior and exterior spaces. Therefore they are designed as transparent and immaterial as possible to create a flow of energy moving in&out without any obstacles.


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