Star City Bridge
The Edith B. Barill Bridge, more commonly known as the Star City Bridge, was completed in 2004 and connected Star City, West Virginia with Interstate 79 and western Monongalia County. The bridge serves as a primary means of access to the north side of Morgantown. The former Star City Bridge, built in 1950, was very recognizable for its blue paint and its black polka dots. Many people who came into town from the western end had to cross this bridge to get to downtown and it became a very recognizable symbol. In 2002, that bridge was demolished and replaced by the current five-lane bridge that was completed in 2004. It has since been dedicated the Edith Barill Bridge after a long-time Star City mayor but is still generally known as the Star City Bridge. The new Star City Bridge is well-known throughout the area for its technological advances. It is equipped with over 700 sensors that measure the weight, speed, and quantity of the vehicles that cross the bridge each day. This data will be studied at West Virginia University, and used to study the effect of everyday traffic on the bridge, but especially large, commercial trucks. The sensors will also measure how the bridge expands and contracts in the different temperatures of each season. The data will be used for the West Virginia Division of Highways to find and correct weak points in the bridge.