Stadthaus und Marketplatz
Stadthaus is located at the center of Scharnhauser Park, a former America military site next to Stuttgart airport. It is a multifunctional public building unifying municipal administration, civil services, a public library, an art gallery, classrooms for music lessons and evening school, a wedding room, office space, sports facilities and a multipurpose hall. This combination of different public services generates synergetic effects provoking programmatic and visual transparency.

Spatially the entire building is considered as large, open public space with inlays of certain core elements. Floating within a space for mutual or strategic communication, these enclosed boxes structure the interior layout of the building. From the main square to the panorama deck on the roof, the Stadthaus interlocks with its context through cutouts and terraces. These open air spaces remain accessible beyond the main opening hours and therefore serve as spatial and programmatic extensions. Light and water animations are an integral part of the Stadthaus and include a subtle relationship between nature and technology. Framing the main entrance visitors will have to walk through a computer animated artificial rain dripping from underneath the flat cantilevered roof. The Stadthaus and square construct a new public building prototype by offering simultaneity of city life in real, mediated and virtual space.

Pitter.Patterns – visitors will have to walk through a computer animated artificial rain dripping from the underneath the flat cantilevered roof. This water curtain facade becomes a secret information producer treating the entry elevation as ephemeral skin.

Wind.light is a light installation next to the Hanging glass fibre cables project points of light onto the ground, animated by the movement of the wind. Built-in webcams collect all light points with a surveillance software and send a life image of its dynamic constellation into the Stadthaus and onto the website of the City of Ostfildern.


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