Stadium Pod Dubňom

The Štadión pod Dubňom is an all-seater football stadium situated in Žilina, Slovakia, which has been the home of MŠK Žilina. It is named after the hill Dubeň adjacent to which is located and literally means "Stadium under the Duben Hill".

The original stadium was built in 1941 although the ground had been in use since club's foundation in 1909. As of 2002, predominantly due to UEFA requirements, the club proposed an extensive renovation of the stadium, which has since been in constant process of redevelopment.

The current stadium consists of four separate stands and has recently been expanded, with major redevelopment on West Stand (new hospitality boxes, increased capacity, supporting pillars removed), including alterations on the North Stand (River Side - Kop) and South Stand (Railway Side - Away Supporters, Family Zone), as to extra tiers added all of which have been covered. Outward facing wall on North Stand is yet to be completed.

For the purpose of adequate security the stadium has been equipped with modern security installations as monitoring system. Intensity of floodlighting is 1,400 lux. There is also a large screen inside the ground for showing highlights of matchdays.

At the end of 2007–08 campaign the East Stand has been closed down as a further part of ongoing reconstruction and was reopened prior to 2009–10 campaign. A current capacity is 11,181 seats with the prospect of future expansion to hold a crowd of up to 15,000 spectators.

Štadión pod Dubňom is also a venue to host international matches of the Slovakia national football team.

Building Activity

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