Stadium du Littoral

Upon its Grand Opening September 4, 2011, the « Stadium du Littoral » constructed in Grande Synthe is the first facility north of Paris integrating five athletic disciplines under one roof. This athletic complex includes stadium seating for 617, two club houses, locker rooms, a community recreation room and administrative offices. Built on 12 hectares in the Basroch neighborhood, the building is indeed a visible architectural beacon, marking the major vehicular (interstate) entrance into the city. This pared-down building with program-induced volumes stands up against the horizon, this skyline of shadows reveals the omnipresent nature of the landscape. This compact form is “hollowed out” in key places to accommodate bleachers and club houses. These excavations respond to the desire for high-visibility manifest in each sport. The stadium is not mono oriented toward a specific field, rather it opens itself onto all athletics in their collective. The base, the roof and the covered terrace form a single, unified entity.



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