Stadionul Ion Moina

Munincipal Stadium ( Romanian: Stadionul Ion Moina ), otherwise known as the Cluj Arena, is a multi-use stadium that will be built in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The stadium is to be ranked as a UEFA Elite stadium and it will be ready by July 2011. It will be the new home ground for Universitatea Cluj-Napoca. The owners (the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca) will pay about €58,000,000 for the new stadium, which will be able to hold 30,596 people. The new stadium will be composed of 4 two-tier covered stands and a new running track. The seats are to be grey coloured, with different nuances depending on their position. The sports complex will also include a 25 stories office building next to the stadium and a multipurpose hall of about 7.000 seats. In November 2008 the demolishing process of the old stadium began, so that it could make place for the new one. On 16 July 2009 the construction of the stadium began. The stadium is due to be finished by July 2011. By February 2010, about 35% of the new stadium was completed.

There are controversies involving the name of the new stadium. Before the demolition of the 1961-built arena, the stadium was called Ion Moina, but chances are that the new one will be named differently. While the fans proposed the name of Dan Anca (an "U" Cluj legend player), the local authorities are torn between "Cluj Arena" and lending the name to an international company, like in the case of the Allianz Arena.

Cluj Arena will be built on the same location as the old stadium, west of the Central Park and next to the Someşul Mic River. The area represents the city's old sport complex, built at the beginning of the century, which included the old stadium, the old indoor arena, and a sports oriented park. There were projects involving the stadium being built in other locations, but the authorities ceased due to public pressure and decided to build the new arena on the same premises.

The first football and athletics stadium in Cluj-Napoca was built between 1908 and 1911. It had one wooden stand and a capacity of 1,500 people. The official inauguration in 1911 was done by organizing a game between CFR Cluj and Galatasaray Istanbul. It was the first game in Europe for Galatasaray, and CFR Cluj won 8-1. In 1961 new stands were built and the capacity of the stadium became 28,000 on wooden benches, while the old stands were moved to Câmpia Turzii. The 1961 stands have an U-shaped appearance, as the name of the team that uses it. The stadium is named after Ion Moina, the fastest sprinter in Europe in 1948. The demolition process began on November 20, 2008.

Building Activity

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