Stadion Stali Mielec
Stadion Stali Mielec at Solskiego 1 is a multi-use stadium in Mielec, Poland. Since its construction, it has been used primarily for football matches for the club Stal Mielec. It was built in 1953 and has a capacity of 30,000 spectators, yet on three separate occasions the total attendance had exceeded 40,000. The stadium has hosted numerous European Champions Cup, UEFA Cup, and Polish national team matches, including FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship qualifiers. As of 2011, it is undergoing major renovation.

The first part of the stadium was a main sports field for soccer, first built in November 1953. The first social meeting was the match of Stal Mielec against Garbarnia Kraków in 1953, also the opening day. In the following year two tribunes for 7,000 spectators were constructed. A race track, a high jumping area and other athletic displays emerged. Along with the tribunes, two sports training fields, a volley-ball field, basketball and tennis courts were also constructed. The Stadium was rearranged in the years 1972-1976 by the construction of two new modern tribunes with two planes allowing a capacity of 30,000 spectators (Matches against Real Madrid, Hamburg SV and K.S.C. Lokeren contained a record of 40,000 spectators) Artificial illuminations were constructed in 1979-1980. The stadium then had the biggest light power in the country - 1800 lx. The first match with the artificial lights took place on 29 October 1980 and was a first league duel between Stal Mielec and ÅKS Åódź which ended with (3:0) score. Due to the undergoing structure in Poland, Stal Mielec's participation in major activities slowly begin to shrink. Private sponsors stopped assuring the league. The development of the stadium by the reason of lack of money and neighboring sports objects stopped. A flea market "Bazaar" has been functioning from 22 February 1990 on the eastern stadium part opened every Thursday and Saturday. The big financial inconvenience was resolved in 1997, independent clubs were formed. Clubs such as Stal Mielec and LKS Mielec are using the stadium.

After modernisation stadium will hold 7,000 spectators.

Polish National Team Matches
The Polish national team played 4 games on the Stadium Stali Mielec 4:

Date Type Match (Goal scorers) Score 31 October 1984 eMÅš Poland ”“ Albania ( WÅ‚odzimierz Smolarek, Andrzej PaÅ‚asz - Bedri Omuri, Agustin Kola) 2”“2 (1”“0) 9 September 1992 friendly Poland ”“ Israel ( Roman Szewczyk - Ronny Rosenthal) 1”“1 (1”“1) 12 October 1994 eME Poland ”“ Azerbaijan ( Andrzej Juskowiak) 1”“0 (1”“0) 1 May 1996 friendly Poland ”“ Belarus ( Wojciech Kowalczyk - Petr Kaczuro) 1”“1 (1”“0)


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