Stadio Adriatico
Stadio Adriatico is a stadium in the city of Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy, which opened in 1955. For the 1960 Summer Olympics, it hosted some of the football preliminaries. It originated as a multipurpose facility and is a center of the CONI. The stadium is intended primarily for football and athletics and is the home stadium of the Pescara Calcio. The stadium, which completed its renovation works in 2009, was the main stadium of the 2009 Mediterranean Games. It has in the past hosted several matches of the Italian National Football Team and was selected as a reserve stadium for the 1990 World Cup. The oval stadium has been designed along the lines of the Olympic Stadium in Rome. From the point of view architecture, is of the solution of the strings used for the support forums. Initially, the stadium had one-level stands and can only accommodate 10,000 spectators. During the first promotion of Pescara in Serie A in 1977, the stadium has been the subject of the widening of the curves and the stands with the grafting of a second level on stage and so much to bring the stadium to be able to accommodate 34,000 spectators. At times, when before 1985 ( the year when the infamous Heysel Stadium Disaster) the rules for security were less stringent, the Adriatico has given place to 40,000 paying spectators.

The Adriatico, after several interventions made in security, the last of which was completed in March 2007 (with the completion of the installation of the turnstiles), is currently under restructuring. In view of the fact of the XVI Mediterranean Games is a great speech and restyling of extension to be completed May 10, 2009 when it planned to return and the inauguration of the plant. On June 6, the historic stadium will host the friendly Pescara beneficial earthquake pro-Northern Ireland-Italy. At the end of reatyling (for a total of almost 15,000,000 Euros), the Adriatico Stadium will have almost 23,800 seats. Majella the Forum will be covered with a laminated wood structure is expected conditioned VIP area, a new press box, a floor, seats with aluminum antivandalo features with reclining seat backs. Outside there will be two elevators that lead up to the VIP tribune and the press room to be completely redone. The ground floor will be completely demolished and rebuilt but respecting the original structure by the architect Luigi Piccinato. In the Adriatic Forum: will set up a loft in the forum with a plan for offices, two gymnasiums. Always separate from the start the tunnel leading athletes in the field. Planned renovation of the athletics track and the use of renewable energy to supplement the heating.

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