St. Patrick's Church

St. Patrick's Church in Lowell, Massachusetts is an historic Roman Catholic church, traditionally associated with the city's Irish American population. The parish's foundation date of 1831 makes it one of the oldest Catholic parishes north of Boston in the United States.


The original Saint Patrick's church was built in 1831 to support the Irish workmen who had moved to Lowell, largely to work on the Pawtucket and Merrimack Canals. The donated land the simple wooden church was built on was an acre in area, giving name to the Acre neighborhood the church is located in today. The current stone structure dates to 1853, although a fire in 1904 caused much of the church to be rebuilt by 1906.

Saint Patrick's Today

Today, the church is on the List of Registered Historic Places in Lowell, Massachusetts. In addition to the traditional Irish and French Canadian congregations, the parish, including its school, serves local Southeast Asians, specificially with Vietnamese and Cambodian native-language Masses.


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