St. Mary's church, Stralsund

St. Mary's Church (German: Marienkirche) is located in Stralsund, northern Germany.

Built some time before 1298, it is architecturally Gothic, and was loosely modelled on St. Mary's Church in Lübeck. Between 1625 and 1647, it was the world's second tallest building at 151 metres (495 ft) tall, after 160 m tall Lincoln Cathedral.

The bell tower collapsed in 1382, and was rebuilt by 1478. In 1495, the steeple tower blew down during a severe storm, and was then rebuilt taller. This was subsequently struck by lightning in 1647, and burned down, and was rebuilt as a baroque dome, which, completed in 1708, can be seen today. The tower is currently 104 metres (341 ft) tall


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