St Mary's Church, Derby

St Mary's Church is a Roman Catholic church in the city of Derby, England. A Grade II* listed building, it stands on Bridge Gate overlooking St Alkmund's Way. The church was designed by architect A. W. N. Pugin


The church was designed by Augustus Pugin in 1837 in his first expression of his Gothic Revival style. Construction began in 1838 and was completed in October 1839 at a cost of £1,400.

Eight years later St Alkmund's Church was built on a site directly opposite St Mary's. The position of the larger St Alkmund's was such that the view of St Mary's from King Street was totally obscured. The church was partially restored in 1927 when it was discovered that damp had taken a hold to much of the plasterwork. St Mary's was enlarged slightly in 1932 with the building of the Lady Chapel and several pieces of stonework were added to both the interior and the exterior of the building.

The late 1960s brought sweeping changes to the Derby landscape. St Alkmund's Church and its churchyard were demolished in order to the make way for the inner ring road, exposing St Mary's to full view for the first time in 120 years.

A second restoration was undertaken in the late 1990s. This included re-roofing of the Lady Chapel and extensive cleaning of the interior and exterior of the church.

In 2007 the bridge that allows pedestrians to cross the A52 (St Alkmund's Way) was replaced with a wider design at a cost of £1.3m.