St Mary Colechurch
St Mary Colechurch is a former church within the City of London. The Mortality Bill for the year 1665 , published by the Parish Clerk’s Company, shows 97 parishes within the City of London . By September 6 the city lay in ruins , 86 churches having been destroyed . By 1670 a Rebuilding Act had been passed and a committee set up under the stewardship of Sir Christopher Wren to plan the new parishes . Fifty-one were chosen, but St Mary Colechurch was one of the sad minority never to be rebuilt . The church was situated at the junction of Poultry and the south end of Old Jewry . Named after its first benefactor , it was a prosperous parish able to support a grammar school (which was rebuilt on the site after the fire and continued in that locality until 1787. The parish was united with St Mildred, Poultry , although the parishioners objected on the grounds that This was a noisy, crowded parish perpetually disturbed by carts and coaches, and wants sufficient place for burials Representations to Wren's Committee,1670. When this too was deemed surplus to requirements , following the passing of the 1860 Union of Benefices Act, it passed successively through partnerships with St Olave Jewry and St Margaret Lothbury . Pearce notes that the last traces of any building vanished in 1839 although a Parish Boundary Mark inside the Mercers’ Hall still exists . A plaque commemorates the church on the southwest corner of Old Jewry. The site is currently occupied by the Alliance & Leicester at 82 Cheapside.