St. Luke's United Church is located at 353 Sherbourne Street (on the southeast corner of Carlton and Sherbourne Streets) in Toronto. Originally built across the street from the old site of Toronto General Hospital, it is now across from Allan Gardens. The building was originally home to Sherbourne Street Methodist Church, later Sherbourne United. It merged with Carlton Street United in 1959 to create St. Luke's. Sherbourne was founded in 1872, while Carlton originated in 1832.

The building is used by a number of other congregations including:

  • Berea Seventh-day Adventist Church - website: Berea Adventist Church
  • Sheep Flock Korean Presbyterian Church
  • Abasaruzi Missionary Church Offices - website: Abasaruzi Missionary Church
Community Context

The church building houses many different types of rooms to accommodate various activities, including: the main sanctuary, a chapel, a gymnasium, two kitchens, a few administrative offices, some meeting rooms, and a formal parlor. As a result of this diversity of space, the church has become a community center that hosts functions for the general public. The main sanctuary and chapel currently are host to seven different worship groups, six of which are culturally different Christian denominations, and the other being a Buddhist meditation circle. St. Luke's has actually hosted up to nine different congregations simultaneously in the past. Concerts are held in the church from time to time, and several musical groups use the building as a space for practice. Dance groups and theater troupes are also tenants of the building. Some non-profit organizations including: Alcoholics Anonymous, abuse prevention programs, continuing education programs and food banks use the church's meeting and kitchen spaces to benefit the community. Several sports groups including a fencing club, and martial arts group meet use the gymnasium on a regular basis. The church also displays pride flags and is open to all; it even hosts a dance group geared toward the gay community.

Building Activity

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