St. Lachtain's Church

The present St. Lachtain's Church was built in 1731, incorporating a portal from 1100 as its main entrance. It is located in the centre of the village of Freshford, County Kilkenny in Ireland on the R693 regional road.

St. Lachtain died in Donoughmore, County Cork in 622 AD. It is almost certain that a church was built in the present site after 622 AD. The Danes (also known as Vikings or Norsemen) robbed it of its gold and silver ornaments and burnt all its books, as they could not read.

The church was replaced in 1100, however all that is left of the 1100 church is the beautiful Hiberno-Romanesque (Irish-Roman) architectural porch and doorway. The remainder of the present church was built for Protestant worship in 1731. If you look at the arch you will see old Irish writing, which says:

In St. Lachtains time Freshford was a diocese. In 1225 a Bishops palace was built at Aghore (Achadh Ur), now Uppercourt. It was used as a summer residence for over 300 years.

National Monument

The sandstone Romanesque portal is deemed a National Monument.

Coordinates: 52°43′58″N 7°23′52″W / 52.73268361°N 7.39782635°W / 52.73268361; -7.39782635