St James Duke's Place

St James Duke's Place was an Anglican parish church in the eponymous City of London precinct(part of Portsoken ward) from 1622 until 1874. It replaced the ruined Priory of the Holy Trinity when the area was settled by poor workmen.They found St Katherine Cree "uncongenial" and sought permission from the king to build a new church. This they named in his honour, to which was added the location- a thoroughfare owned by the Duke of Norfolk . It survived the Great Fire of London but needed extensive restoration in 1727. As the area's Jewish population rose steadily over the next 150 years, however, it became increasingly difficult to finance and in 1874, utilising the 1860 Union of Benefices Act, it was demolished and the parish joined to St Katherine's. Very little trace of the church can be found today but partial records remain at IGI .

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