St Benet Fink, Tottenham

St Benet Fink, Tottenham is an Anglican church in Tottenham, London.

Early history

The original St Benet Fink church was in Threadneedle Street in the City of London and is first mentioned in 1216. At an unknown prior date a Saint Benedict's Church had been rebuilt with a gift from one Robert Finke.


Benet is short for Benedict from Saint Benedict. Historically, if there was more than one church in an area dedicated to a particular Saint then the benefactor's name was added to the churches name, hence Benet Fink.

20th Century

In 1904 a mission to the district was established by Rev Harold Van Cooten and a church (the Tin Tabernacle) opened in Granger Road on 1905-04-08. Its official name was St Luke's.

The present church was built during 1911 and 1912 and at its consecration was referred to by the then Bishop of London as 'the little Cathedral'. The assets of the original St Benet Fink helped in the construction, hence the name.


The church is of red brick with a slate roof and has a small spire that accommodates a single bell. It is the style that was common in north London at the beginning of the twentieth century. The site includes a matching vicarage and church hall.



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