St. Antonio's Church & St. Bartolomeu Social Center

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St. Antonio's Church & St. Bartolomeu Social Center

Buildings should be simple and warm.

On the outside, the building sets up an elementary volume with its white plans. The main space is defined by the spatial continuity that takes us from the street to the  quartz rock, left naked.

First, the entrance portico. Next, the churchyard-patio flanked by the two ramps and the community center sidewings. At the end, the church itself - unexpectedly glazed and transparent.

Finally, the outdoor patio built with the existing rock, the air, the zenithal light, water and plants. An exterior space open to contemplation.

The church’s assembly room has an almost square plan. The altar is also a square table. These static and centered shapes allow us to fill that this celebration is presided and performed by a willing congregation.

The extreme simplicity of the space, the architectural form and the objects’ design, create a space of freedom where the protagonists are the people and the events.

Architecture should stage the minimum in the most intense way.

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