Split Level House
Qb Design have completed the Split-Level House in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Full description after the photos…. Photography by Todd Mason / Halkin Architectural Photography The Split-Level House by Qb Design Total Area: 3,800 sq.ft Sited on a vacant corner in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia, this newly constructed house stitches itself into the neighborhood by responding to local cues. Curved brick corners negotiate the irregular street grid, while the cadence of typical rowhouses and a palette of brick volumes and stone bases are translated into a new vocabulary. An interior palette of bleached and blackened oak, polished concrete and patinaed steel contrast the rich wood, hammered concrete and brick of the exterior. The split-level section adapts these traditional elements to a modern language of continuous spaces and vast glazed openings. The three-story brick skin wraps the glass-lined interior, forming intimate exterior spaces where the two diverge. A private roof garden, sheltered by the brick skin parapet, extends views from the bedroom to the city skyline beyond. Visit the Qb Design website – here. . .


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    about 7 years ago via iPhone
  • emerson1899
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    4 blocks from my house -- in contemporary Northern Liberties neighborhood. Nice brick color, open glazed area, nice exterior wood doors and window.
    about 7 years ago via iPhone