Space Mexico: in search of a green esthetic The issue of how to convert human groups in sustainable societies has ceased to be a romantic notion. Today it is a need for anyone who aspires to have a viable future. In virtually all man’s activities, the issue of sustainability is changing the vision of how we do what we do. Architecture is no exception. Today, buildings are responsible for 12% of the use of all the water of the planet, for 39% of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, for 65% of the waste generated in the world, and for 70% of electricity consumption. Despite these alarming figures, those who lecture, build and market architecture have done little to correct and stop the damage that the built spaces do to the planet. It has carried out sustainable projects with LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), an international certification responsible for the validation and endorsement of architecture projects that comply with higher standards and sustainable practices, both in the United States and in Mexico. Due to the firm’s growth, SPACE faced the need to relocate their offices, which raised a unique opportunity: time had come to show the firm’s commitment to sustainable architecture. So it designed one of the first office spaces in Latin America with LEED C1 certification, certification geared to interior spaces. In this way, SPACE Mexico is the first architecture firm in Latin America with a certified office. The challenge was not an easy one; the intention was to generate a project with certification to demonstrate the viability of its use in Mexico’s market with not necessarily higher cost or more time to carry out. The conceptual approach of the project was simple and complex at the same time. It was not possible for us to apply the rules, both esthetic and functional, to which we are used. It was time to rethink new rules and seek a new esthetic, that is to say, a green esthetic. From the beginning, a leading idea showed us the correct way: to base on the three “Rs


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