Spa Hotel in Peloponnisos, Greece

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Spa Hotel in Peloponnisos, Greece
A site in a nude of trees spot in the mountains, that was used as an open quarry in the near past, surrounded by impressive woods with huge oak-trees, overlooking the town of Tripolis, is selected as the location for a new Spa hotel. A health club set out in nature, creating windows to the city, to the pit and the woods. The site offers a stone-base of great beauty and roughness, defining the rules for the aesthetics and the use of materials of the new construction. The layout setting is rigid and geometrical, developing in two axis, following the ground contour and the direct view of the city, while a part of it hangs over the pit, interacting with the special anaglyph of the site. Bare concrete, wood, metal and copper. The Spa Hotel consists of the main building embodying a lobby, a waiting room and utility spaces in one volume and a restaurant-bar in a second facing the city. It opens up to the visitor at ground level and guides him to different directions – different uses. The Spa is designed in a lower level, with a sauna, jacuzzi, massage, gym, beauty spots and a large exterior pool, a volume of water breaking through the hotel body, framing an unobstructed view of the woods and the city in the rear. Four units of double rooms and one unit of double height suites with private pools are placed on the two axis. The materials used in the interior are a mix of traditional and contemporary.


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