South River Club
South River Club refers to both a social club and more recently, the historic building at South River, Anne Arundel County, Maryland where the club met.

The club
The South River Club (also known as "The Old South River Club") survives today as one of the oldest, continuously active organizations of its type in America. There is evidence that the club itself existed in 1732 and perhaps as early as 1700. The date of its founding remains unknown because the early records were lost when the first clubhouse burned down. Club records show that it existed before February 11, 1742 when a resolution was passed to attempt to record all previous members names. As early as 1746, the club was referred to as "The Ancient South River Club" in the Maryland Gazette. The early members included prominent landowners, merchants, and the local doctor and clergyman, all of whom lived within a 10-mile radius of the clubhouse. The members of the club meet at the clubhouse four times per year for feasts prepared in the detached kitchen. Women are only allowed in the clubhouse on "Pilgrimage Days."

The clubhouse
It is not clear where the first clubhouse stood. There is some speculation that it was in Londontowne, Maryland, but sufficient doubt remains. Built in 1742, the present structure is a small frame, one and a half story one-room clubhouse with a gable roof and a narrow exterior chimney on the east gable end. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1969.