Sorte House
The A.L.X. office ( Architect Label Xain) creates architecture that speaks for itself. There is no symbolism, no hidden meaning no process that you have to go through to connect with their works. The whole concept is understood with a glance. A pure example of this interpretation is the ‘Sorte’ project. A four-story residence with a lower ground level, which was completed on June 2008 in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Looking at this structure in its surrounding cityscape the words that describe it are exactly what it is – 3-dimensional, angular, asymmetrical, cubistic and 3 point perspective. It stands out provokingly but yet invitingly in the sense that you thank this structure for rising on this particular site giving across dynamism and character. The scale of the architecture can only be fully understood if looking at it from the East side. This is because the remaining view points are limited and tight and you can appreciate the language but not the depth of the residence. Due to this the windows that are treated like irregular punched openings are designed in order for the ones looking from the inside out not to feel exposed and for the views outwards to be perceived as dynamic and restricted to a portrait. The light entering within the interior emphasizes the asymmetrically and 3 dimensiality by duplicating the angular shaped openings on the floor or the facing walls. This also carries the primary exterior language inside in the simple method of natural day light. No marriage of materials and finishes just dynamic simplicity expressing a strong statement. The interior is treated exactly as the exterior. The design the finishes and the language is the same with the only inclusion of a timber floor. The primary finishes throughout are reinforced concrete and glazing. All the facilities are designed to meet parallel with the architectural façade. No intrusions of non load bearing walls to create square divisions and private spaces within levels. Open spaces with irregularities and compositions. As true life is after all with no sugar coating but raw and dynamic realism. 


25 photos and 2 drawings

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