The new addition to the Sorø Art Museum places itself into Sorø city centre with deference and respect for existing urban proportions and patterns. The underlying concept for the addition has been a modern interpretation of the archetypical masonry building.

The addition brings three new elements to the museum complex: a long gabled wing, a connector, and an underground level. Mirroring the volume of the existing museum building, the wing along the rear street encloses and completes the existing courtyard. Under the new connecting volume, an inviting port links the museum and library courtyards – clearly defining the museum courtyard while maintaining its unique spatial quality and scale.

Flexible construction principles allow for new and varied spaces that provide optimal exhibition conditions. All public functions – school service, lecture hall, café, boutique and ticket sale – are located on ground level with direct access to both courtyards, while the special exhibition spaces and administration are placed on the second floor. The underground level contains modern exhibition as well as storage, workshop, and wardrobe.

The new addition is clad entirely with specially developed ceramic shingles that allude to traditional masonry while giving a new format and rich colour play in a spectrum ranging from red, ochre, and slate gray.

Building Activity

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