Sodegaura M

Japanese atelier architecture-lab has shared with us images of 'sodegaura M', a single-storey house 
in the countryside of sodegaura, chiba prefecture, japan. elevated 1.9 m off the ground by a series of
structural stilts, the design explores the idea of solids vs. voids by creating multi-storey openings 
within the residence.

situated on a corner plot that looks out onto a field, the dwelling is simple in form, taking on
a rectangular volume with a linear profile. the lower portion of the house, comprised of a broken up
collection of reinforced concrete panels, feature wide open holes of varying width facing onto 
the street level. translucent corrugated plexi provides sliding screens for when the inhabitants 
want to close off the area. 

resulting in pockets of void space, the upper layout takes on the shape of a cross. additional privacy
is gained by having the domestic programs lifted off the ground. multiple sight lines are also established
from all levels of the residence through interior windows that look out from one area to another. 

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