Smith Haven Mall
Smith Haven Mall is a shopping mall located in Lake Grove, New York and is the main mall for the "Mid Island" area of Long Island. The complex covers an area of 1,400,000-square-foot (130,000 m 2) of retail space, with the key building (opened in 1969) being one story and 800,000-square-foot (74,000 m 2), which includes over 140 shops and restaurants. The mall has been owned and managed since 1995 by Melvin Simon and Associates, one of the largest developers of shopping malls in the United States and owner of Long Island's largest mall, Roosevelt Field in Garden City. Its name is a portmanteau of the towns of Smithtown and Brookhaven, as the mall overlaps the boundary of these towns.

Current department stores
  • JCPenney (91,873 sq ft.)
  • Macy*s (324,829 sq ft.)
  • Sears (213,298 sq ft.)
  • Dick's Sporting Goods (77,585 sq ft.)

Plans for the mall were first announced in October 1965 by Macy's, to be called "Nesconset Shopping Center" . After a preview event with guest of honor Robert Moses on March 10, 1969, the mall, with anchors Macy's and Abraham & Straus, opened on March 12. They were followed soon after by a 68,000-square-foot (6,300 m 2) Martin's, and then Sears. The mall is notable for the works of public art which it originally held, including one of the final works of noted sculptor Alexander Calder, a giant mobile which was made especially for the mall's opening in 1969, and a 40-foot (12 m) mural by Larry Rivers. Calder's piece, after being taken down in early 1970s, was refurbished and moved to the newly built food court in 1987, which was named Calder Court for the sculptor. The food court was later renamed Saturn Court when the car dealership picked up the food court's sponsorship. No artwork remains from the gallery which existed at the mall's inception, which also included work from Peter Max, among others. The Calder piece at the food court sold at auction for $1.7 million in 2002. One of the developers was Leonard Holzer who was married to art dealer Jane Holzer and the art work originally cost $350,000. After Holzer sold his interest in the mall the art work was dismantled. Robins mural was 40 feet long and 20 feet and consisted of an assemblage of giant plexiglass objects including lips, a clock, bathing suits and giant women's legs. When the art work was dismantled it was sold off piecemeal with the legs winding up being erected outside the home of East Hampton, New York art dealer Ruth Vered in Sag Harbor, New York. Her home is in the former Bethel Church/former art studio for Abraham Rattner. In 2010/2011 the 16 foot high sculpture of the legs raised controversy when Sag Harbor building officials said it exceeded the 15 foot height requirement for structures. Vered has said she would lower its foundation to get it under the 15 foot limit. Smith Haven recently underwent a massive multi-million dollar renovation project, in which a lifestyle village was built over the space once occupied by Stern's and the adjacent unused parking lots. Major retailers there include Eddie Bauer, Dick's Sporting Goods, and California Pizza Kitchen. Elsewhere in the mall, Abercrombie & Fitch's new concept Gilly Hicks, an underwear store, has opened its doors, as well as Abercrombie & Fitch's upscale RUEHL No.925 concept which opened on August 1, 2008. On September 9, 2006, an Apple Store was added to the mall with many on hand to commemorate it. In addition, on November 16, 2006 the newly constructed Cheesecake Factory upscale casual dining restaurant was opened. In July 2008, Bobby Flay's newest restaurant, Bobby's Burger Palace, was opened at the mall.