Smith-Appleby House

The Smith-Appleby House Museum, built in 1696, is a historic house museum in Smithfield, Rhode Island, and the museum is home to the Smithfield Historical Society.


Elisha Smith, a grandson of one of Rhode Island's co-founders, John Smith, "The Miller," built the original part of this house. Originally, the house was a small stone-ender consisting of one room. Later occupants made additions around 1730 and 1813 and altered the chimney configuration. The original farm grounds contained mills and a blacksmith shop on 700 acres (2.8 km2).

The Smith-Appleby House Museum is open for tours during scheduled events, or tours may be arranged on request.

References and external links
  • Smith-Appleby House Museum - official site
  • "The History of the Smith-Appleby House and Property" by Jim Ignasher

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