SM City Pampanga was opened to the public in November 2000. It is the very first SM Supermall in Central Luzon. SM City Pampanga is now the longest and biggest mall in the region, with more than 820 meters sprawl of mall shopping area, and the largest SM Supermalls land area for total of 316,000 m² or 31.6 Hectares. It is owned by SM Prime Holdings founded by Chinese Filipino businessman Henry Sy, Sr. It is known to be the 5th Largest SM Supermall in the country. SM City Pampanga sometimes called, "The Megamall of Central Luzon". SM City Pampanga shoppers can only expect more shopping, dining and fun options as the mall opens its newest Mall Annex, now having more than 702 shops and boutiques to satisfy every shopper’s needs. New apparel shops to look forward to are Kipling, Von Dutch, Tribal, Bysi Boutique, Celine, Celio, Chales & Keith, Crocs, Flojo’s, Florsheim Kids, People are People, Periwinkle, Triumph, Mossimo Underwear, Red Hot Chili Jeans Wear, and Swiss Gear. Shoppers can try a new dining experiences at Tempura, Flavours of China, and The Aristocrat. Specialty shops opening at SM City Pampanga Annex Three are Davids for Rever, George Optical, Hearts and Arrow, Kitchen One, and SF-QI Wellness Holistic Spa, and 7 Eleven. Banco de Oro will also open another branch while China Bank will open its first branch. The mall has the maximum capacity of 900,000 to 1 million people

Location and vicinity
SM City Pampanga is a strategically located along Jose Abad Santos Avenue, corner North Luzon Expressway, Lagundi, Mexico, Pampanga, and San Jose, City of San Fernando, Pampanga, fronting Robinsons Star Mills Pampanga, Hotel Sogo Pampanga, East Gate Center and NLEX San Fernando Exit N.B. The mall's east wing (Buildings 3 and 4) is located at Jose Abad Santos Avenue (formerly Olongapo- Gapan Road), Barangay Lagundi, Mexico, Pampanga. On the other hand, the west wing (The Main Mall and Building 2) is located on the same road but this time part of the city of San Fernando, Pampanga. The mall is adjacent to both the San Fernando Exit of the North Luzon Expressway and to competing Robinsons Star Mills Pampanga.

Inside the Mall
All top homegrown and international brands, including fashion boutiques, home stores, entertainment, shoe stores, bookstores, novelty stores, wellness, spa, health and service shops, local and international fast-food chains, dining and specialty restaurants are offered inside the mall. The following are the major and junior anchors located on each floor: 2nd Floor-Main Mall Ӣ SM Cinema (Movietime) Located on the 2nd floor. A total of 6 cinemas, all of which are installed with Dolby Digital Surround Sound System. Ticket booths are on each wing of the Main Mall. Cinemas 1 to 3 are at the west wing while Cinemas 4 to 6 are at the east wing. SM Digital Cinema-Pampanga is now open. Ӣ SM Food Court Located at the 2nd Floor of the Main Mall. Some notable food establishments are found here. Ӣ Surplus Shop Located near the overlooking area of the Food Court. Items usually priced at lower costs are sold here, mostly clothing. 3rd Floor-Main Mall Ӣ Quantum Entertainment Center and Worlds of Fun Located at the 3rd Floor. These amusement centers which includes arcade games, karaoke booths and the like. Ground Floor-Main Mall Ӣ SM Appliance Center Home and electronic appliances are available here, located at the west wing of the Main Mall. Ӣ Watsons Found in the Main Mall near Lobby Circle. A pharmacy which also caters exclusively cosmetic and beauty products. Other branches located at the 2nd Floor of the Main Mall, Grond Floor Building 2, and Ground Floor Building 4. Ӣ SM City Pampanga Main Entrance The main entry and exit points for walk-ins is located at the Ground Floor along Jose Abad Santos Avenue. Ӣ Main Lobby In front of the main entrance. The SM Entertainment Plaza was originally located here, however, it was moved at the south wing of Building 2 to make the lobby area more spacious and convenient for shoppers. Ӣ SM Supermarket Located at the north wing of the Main Mall facing SM Department Store. It also caters to other items such as food stalls, wines, a pharmacy and an appliance center. Ӣ SM Department Store Located at Ground Floors of the Main Mall and at Building 3. Fashion items, accessories, cosmetics and other lifestyle. Children's section, toys, home decor, kitchen appliances and furniture are displayed here. Building 2 or Annex One Ӣ The Event Center Located at the Ground Floor north wing of Building 2. Used for major events like promo tours, album launch, fashion shows, concerts etc. Gathering a large number of people to watch these events. Ӣ SM Amphitheater Pampanga Located at the back of the Building 2 near the parking lots and facing the North Luzon Expressway. The Amphitheater has a large white tent covering the stage. Used for major event ang gathering a large number of people. This is the first of SM Supermalls to have an Amphitheater. Building 3 or Annex Two Ӣ ACE Builders Center Hardware and home utility items are available here. Located at the Ground Floor. Building 4 or Annex Three Ӣ TeleTech Occupies the whole back potion of Building 4. Ӣ The Mini-Event Center Located at the Main Lobby of Building 4. This is used for major events like promo tours, album launch, fashion shows, concerts etc.

Physical Details
SM City Pampanga is another part of the SM Malls Quadruplets. The Mall Facade and interior have similarities to SM City Batangas, SM City Davao and SM City Cagayan de Oro. The mall was opened in November 2000 but wasn't large enough so an annex (building 2) was added in October 2002. A newer annex (building 3), the third addition to the mall’s main building was added with a 99,439 square meter area, and with it 198 new shops offering more shopping and dining options. The newest annex (Building 4) opened on October 2007. It has a 16,700 square meter area which houses a call center. It is now called "Pampanga's Shopping Marathon" because it's now the longest mall in the country. The mall consists of a rectangle-shaped building and an outdoor parking. The mall features anchors like SM Department Store, The SM Supermarket and SM Cinemas. It also features other anchors like National Bookstore, Watsons Drugstore, Surplus Shop, SM Appliance Center, 5 Banks (BDO Chinabank & BPI) and ACE Builders Center.


  • SM Department Store
  • SM Supermarket
  • SM Cinemas
  • SM Food Court
  • SM Appliance Center
  • Our Home
  • Toy Kingdom
  • National Bookstore
  • Surplus Shop
  • Ace Builders Center
  • Watsons
  • Sports Central
  • Odyssey
  • Fitness First
  • TeleTech Call Centre
  • World of Fun
  • Quantum - PSC Group
  • Tom's World
  • SM Amphitheater
  • SM City Pampanga Interconnecting Buildings West to East. (Building 2, Main Building, Building 3, Building 4) soon: SM Building 5 adjacent to Building 2
  • SM Fiesta Strip (Building 2)


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