Slat House

The Slat House represents an unusual two – storey extension, and sophisticated remodelling of a 1930’s semi-detached house, to provide an extra bedroom, bathroom and study/ garage.
The client specified an extension, which would open up the interiors of the house during the summer, creating a more fluid connection with the densely wooded garden. They also wanted a ‘tough’ and flexible series of internal spaces, which are able to adapt to the changing needs of a growing family.
The driving design concept was to define the extension as a lightweight ‘box’. Timber cladding was specified as a practical necessity to reduce the load of the building, but also for aesthetic purposes to blend the building into its wooded surroundings. The width of the cedar panels (slats) determines a module by which all window and door openings were organised. This rigour lends the building it’s stark, modular appearance.

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