Slane Castle
Slane Castle is located in the town of Slane, within the Boyne Valley of County Meath, Ireland. The castle is the family home of the Conyngham Marquessate since the 1700s , and regularly holds concerts within its grounds.

Overlooking the River Boyne, just a few miles upstream from the site of the famous Battle of the Boyne, Slane Castle in its existing form was reconstructed under the direction of William Burton Conyngham, together with his nephew the first Marquess Conyngham. The reconstruction dates back to 1785 and is principally the work of James Gandon, James Wyatt and Francis Johnston. Francis Johnston is responsible for the gothic gates on the Mill Hill. The Conynghams are originally a noble Scottish family, and first settled in Ireland in 1611 in County Donegal. There has been an active association between the Conynghams and the Slane Estate dating back over 300 years, ever since the property was purchased by the family following the Williamite Confiscations in 1701. Prior to this, Slane had been possessed by the Flemings, aristocratic Anglo-Norman Catholics who cast their lot with the Jacobites. Christopher Fleming, 22nd of Slane, 17th Lord, Viscount Longford (1669 – 14 July 1726), was the last Fleming Lord of Slane. The present head of the Conyngham family and occupant of Slane Castle is the 8th Marquess Conyngham. In 1991, a fire in the Castle caused extensive damage to the building and completely gutted the Eastern section facing the River Boyne. The castle reopened in 2010 after the completion of a 10-year restoration program.

Concerts at Slane
Since 1981, the grounds of Slane castle have been used to host rock concerts. The natural amphitheatre has a 80,000 person capacity . Notable performers to have played at Slane include U2, the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Queen, Neil Young and Madonna.

Building Activity

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