Sky Village
Responding to unsta ble mar kets the design is based on a flex i ble grid, allow ing alter ation of the pro gram by re-​designating units. These ‘pixels’ are each 60m2 square and arranged around the cen tral core of the build ing, which for flex i bil ity con sists of three bun dled cores allow ing sep a­rate access to the dif fer ent pro gram segments. On the lower floors the volume is slim to create space for the sur round ing public plaza with retail and restau rants; the lower part of the high rise con sists of offices, the middle part leans north in order to create a vari ety of sky gar dens that are ter raced along the south side. This cre­ates a stacked neigh bour hood, a Sky Vil lage. From this south ori en ta tion the apart ments are ben e fit ting. The top of the build ing will be oc...


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