Skate Park Plaza
Architects Guillermo de Diego and Marcelo Bejanele have designed, exclusively for skaters, a dynamic public space in the city of Mar del Plata, in Argentina. The large skate park is designed to revitalize the city center, but it also represents an alternative route for simple pedestrians. This sort of square, located at the intersection of two major urban arteries — the Paseo Casino Grand Hotel and the pedestrian Rambla San Martin — becomes not only an attractive point for the city, but also a crucial hub in the specific urban fabric. The unique curved shapes which form the skate park seem to be inspired by the site's topography, which gradually decreases approaching the sea. The square is divided into an higher level from which the various curves depart, mimicking the local geography: dunes, waves, and the bay. The park is built entirely of polished concrete, making it ideal to be crossed on wheels, while also creating a uniform, identifiable sign, a new landmark for the city. The flat area in the center redistributes the flux of skaters, according to the difficulty required form each route. "Our main ambition," says Guillermo de Diego, "was to transform the city of Mar del Plata into a reference for a sport that always attracts a young and diverse audience." Currently, the new public space is becoming a new social catalyst for both skaters and citizens, as well as for tourists.

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