“Sity” is an inspiration from the trace of the river valley in a plan situation and at the same time a reflex of the heavily contrasting roof levels in the area. Representing a common silhouette, the spiral, it simultaneously adds new elements to the scenery. It lowers itself to the ground and than elevates itself again in the most astonishing and extravagant way. With its height, the project challenges even the tallest edifices in the district, whilst its spiral shape offers unique sights of the horizon from each different angle. “Sity” is a contextual and logical project designed for Shanghai, strategic accent in the urban planning.

The structure will be integrated in all urban layers. It establishes contacts in all possible directions by all possible means. The project concentrates on transport communication by air, as well as land, water, underground and terrestrial means. The “Sity” offers ,  opportunities for walking and cycling in park surroundings, including specifically designated places, free of traffic, that are reestablished on a large scale. The terrestrial surface of the area is available for the development of unlimited green vegetation and microclimate. Parks, are provided and aimed at counterpoising the strenuous everyday life, providing tranquility and peace.

The seemingly vanguard design, unfamiliar concept in the developments realized up till now, is actually a classic and mathematically logical structure. Exceptionally symbolic and easily recognizable, it could be sketched with a few strokes by everyone. The structure addresses common conceptions such as elevation, floor planning, verticality, horizontality etc. “Sity” represents contemporary architecture at its best, it establishes new relations and perceptions and defines innovative bounds of space and infinity.

Infinity is a symbol of the great heritage and traditions of China. The dynamics of the projects reflects the hectic rhythm of Shanghai – a centre of innovations, new technologies, extreme heights, advancement and sustainability.

The project embodies a steady conceptual platform, resistant to all natural phenomena such as earthquake stability, maximum sunlight exposure, natural ventilation, water refrigeration and air conditioning, power production, clearing installations and perhaps all future technologies, which will be seen for the first time in Shanghai!


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