Sinpas Eco-Town
Sinpas Eco-Town Project took form in contemplation of exposure of space potentials as much as possible instead of the way of running full slogan which the investor firm has used many times before. At the first step it was important that permanent place quality supports project. On account of this, it has been refrained from emblematic approach that tends to be speculated and be consumed easily. Besides basic problems like view, light and climatic features optimum space use, open- close-semi open space measures, mass composition, construction methods and system choices the project has an architectural approach emphasizing the ecological sustainability orientations is intended. Therefore, the basic criterias of the project were green area maximization; development of social substructure and suitable intensity; protection of habitat and recover of lost properties; increase in shaded area and use of green roof; building parkinglots under green cover as much as possible; articulation of the cladding with the heating-ventilation system consuming energy in minimum; diminution the use of cooling system with the passive design acquisition; focusing on the use of refined water instead of line water in the landscape areas . The relation between the two different types depending on the strategies of using the landscapeand the view; and the tension between each other one of them too loose and the other one more intensive-togeither with the evalution of the slope were the determining factors of the site plan. Therefore, horizontal bloc whose major life factors has been directed to the sea and lake in the south is placed in northeast part of the area as some kind of building on the border. This bloc -started wih the hotel construction close to main entrance of the residential area and then turned into dwelling units– has gained light and permeable identity by the mass disintegration articulation. There has been small buildings in the area which will be used as wind shield by keeping the border of territory. Social and recreative units in the center of the land has taken place as pieces around the water turned into small lake.It has been planned that at the next steps, these kiosks is going to be block of buildings in the small lake. In the direction of southwest, the water canalled in 32.00 dimension has taken place on the other sides of the land as basic landscape design factor.


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