Sinosteel International Plaza

Sinosteel International Plaza is a new organic landmark for the redeveloped city of Tianjin.

Binhai Economic District in Tianjin will be the third Special Economic Zone in China, after the city of Shenzhen in the 1980's, and the Pudong District in Shanghai in the 1990's. In this case, an entire central business district will be created in just five years. Sinosteel, China's nationalized steel giant, commissioned MAD to create two towers within the district: an 358-m office tower and a 95-m hotel.

Our design concept combines shape, structure and cultural symbolism in one repeated motif: a hexagonal façade, multiplying and growing across the building. 

This façade is made up of five different sizes of hexagonal windows, a traditional element in Chinese architecture. These windows flow across the building in an irregular, naturally occurring pattern, like cells multiplying. This device animates the façade, creating an ever-changing image of the building from different perspectives.

Based on a simple concept deeply rooted in ancient Chinese buildings, a subtle and sensitive building will rise. Sinosteel International Plaza will create an entirely different urban landscape, and soften the hard atmosphere of the concrete city.

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