Single Family House
The house is located in Lagonisi in the south east suburbs of Athens (approximately 30 kilometers from Athens downtown). Lagonisi used to be a seaside resort – mostly for the citizens of Athens - till late 1990s. Because of the Olympic Games of 2004, the transfer of Athens’s international airport, the creation of new major highways, the extension of metro and railways, translocation of industrial and commercial units, begun a large transfer of population from center to suburbs of Athens and lots of families moved from city apartments to detached maisonettes. Lagonisi extends from the sea to the near hills. Near the edge of a hill surrounding the sea is located the site where our clients – husband and wife – entrusted our office to design a three storey house. We had to accomplish two major problems. The one was the original surface of site landscape, because of the intense pitch of a slope. We had to find a solution for the elevation of 5 meters between the road (highest point) located in the west side of site and the east side of the site (lower point). And the other problem was the plot of the site, which is 360 square meters with dimensions 30 meters long in the north – south axis and 12 meters wide in east – west axis. We decided to emerge a mass sculpture from an original volume of 96 square meters surface and 9 meters high. The initial volume placed in the centre of the site and elevated 3 meters down the road. In that way we achieved to have a two storey building from the west side (road), and a three storey building from the east side. This placement resulted in a cross section along the site and created a landscape of two different levels.


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