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Singapore Civic & Cultural Complex is located within the Vista Xchange precinct of one-north, Singapore. Designed by Andrew Bromberg at Aedas, the 54,000m2 development comprises of cultural, civic & retail uses and when complete will provide a premier entertainment, lifestyle and retail experience for one-north and the wider Singapore community. The design for the retail space responds to the challenging site topography as the zone spirals inwards addressing the major entry points and culminates in an open amphitheatre. Above, a 40 meter high grand foyer creates a visual and spatial connection between the retail, civic and cultural zones. It also provides a canopy under which the public can experience outdoor entertainment and al-fresco dining while protected from the elements. The focus of the cultural zone is a 5000 plus seat auditorium, which will be the largest venue of its kind in Singapore capable of staging amplified musicals, concerts and other large scale visual events. The venue is supported with administration, artist and technical support, function spaces, foyers, concessions and circulation spaces making up the remainder of the cultural and civic program. The Concept Design is driven by the desire to blur the boundaries between retail and cultural zones and indoor and outdoor spaces with flowing spatial transitions that encourage discovery and deliver an energetic civic node serving one-north and beyond. Civic & Cultural Centre does not present one singular expression but celebrates the rich and varying activities inside with a dynamic design that blurs the boundaries between the public/private realms and between the retail/cultural components. These transitions are soft and flowing, encouraging discovery and resulting in a highly public, energetic civic node within One-North and beyond. The civic and public components of the project are paramount and outwardly expressed. The south elevation is completely opened by presenting the inner workings of the facility as a section visible from the exterior. The mass of the theatre floating above is faceted with glass fissures, and utilizes titanium cladding. All of this helps dissolve and break down the mass above, playing with a composition of positive and negative readings, in balance with the lower portions use of solid and void. The civic building is an organic object open to public discovery. One can crawl under, move through, transverse around and climb onto the complex through a series of ramps, escalators, terraces and public gardens. All circulation, movement and internal forms are soft and sinuous as if the civic activities have polished the inside. The cultural/retail components are bound together with the volume of the 40m high, "Grand Foyer". The importance these two components have on each other is celebrated by blurring the divisions between them while maintaining functionality. This soft transition occurs vertically from the most public of the open retail into the perceptual privacy of the theatre. This entire sequence and transition is linked visually and spatially to the "Grand Foyer" connecting the sunken retail below up through the glass floor of the theatre's main lobby exposing its volume floating above. The design is highly sustainable through its approach to minimize air conditioned spaces. The retail, civic square, outdoor theatre as well as the pre-function of the banqueting and meeting room facilities are all open air along with the "Grand Foyer". This thereby encourages air movement through the volume and results in a shaded environment that can be enjoyed year round. As well as stimulating air circulation that cools the suspended mass above.


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