Simon Gratz High School

Simon Gratz High School is a secondary school located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. An inner city school, it is perhaps best-known for its famous alumni (listed below). Gratz is operated by the School District of Philadelphia. It will be operated as a charter school by Mastery Charter starting in September 2011. Students from the current enrollment area will be eligible to attend the school. It will be the fifth Philadelphia High School operated by Mastery.

Situated at the southeast corner of the intersection of 18th St. & Hunting Park Ave., its address is 1798 Hunting Park Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19140.

School uniforms

Gratz students are required to wear school uniforms .

Gratz students are required to wear red, white, or black shirts and black or khaki bottoms.

Famous alumni
  • Roy Campanella, former MLB player
  • Mardy Collins, current NBA player, Los Angeles Clippers
  • Eddie Fisher, singer (did not graduate)
  • William H. Gray, III, Member of Congress
  • John Green, Sheriff of Philadelphia County
  • Grayson Hall, 1964 Academy Award (Oscar) nominee
  • Leroy Kelly, former NFL player
  • Joan Little, cause célèbre of the civil rights, feminist, prisoners' rights, and anti-capital punishment movements.
  • Aaron McKie, former NBA player. Current Assistant Coach of the Philadelphia 76ers.
  • Nathan Milstein, world-renowned concert violinist
  • Aaron Owens, current And 1 Streetball Mixtape Tour player
  • Ivan Robinson, professional boxer, best known for his victories over Arturo Gatti
  • Meldrick Taylor, 1984 Olympic gold medalist
  • Rasheed Wallace, former NBA player
  • Rod Coleman, current National Football League defensive lineman
  • Lynard Stewart, former Temple University basketball player, current British Basketball League player, brother of former NBA player, Larry Stewart
  • Harvey Pollack, Hall of Fame Statistician for the NBA (in 12 halls of fame)

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