Silent Rest
The project is for the 4-levels unit in the blocked house located in the historical city park. Each unit of this house is belonging to one family and have the separate entrance, garage, lift and engineering (heating, ventilation and air conditioning system). This unit has been located between adjoining sections (units) and, accordingly, have the two long structural wall without any openings and two walls with windows opposite each other. The project has been made for a life of family from two person,wife and husband who like to receive guests and children sometimes. Each level have been made for the special part of the life and is approximately 100 sq. meters. - On the basement floor the garage, storage rooms and cloakrooms and premises for the technical equipment. - On the 1st floor there are kitchen and drawing-room situated, - the 2d floor is for sleeping and about (with 2 bedrooms with the bathroom for each), - the 3d is for the family rest and entertainments. Each flight of stairs leads to the open space and the windows to the park view. The fireplace in the attic (3d floor) is located "inside" the wall and paneled with handled copper sheets. Legend for plans: 1 - entrance 2 - rest room 3 - kitchen 4 - drawing room 5 - hall 6 - bedroom 7 - bathroom 8 - guest bedroom 9 - guest bathroom 10 - hall with the fireplace for the family entertainments 11 - the home cinema room 12 - rest room


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